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Washroom, Hygiene & Waste Services

Welcome to Target Hygiene, your local hygiene services and waste transfer station based in Leicester, serving the entire Midlands region. Discover how we can cater to your hygiene and waste management needs.

Target Hygiene is a leading provider of washroom services in Leicester and the Midlands.

 Target Hygiene offers comprehensive solutions that go beyond expectations. A clean and safe washroom not only leaves a positive impression on visitors but also signals effective management. We align with your duty of care, ensuring your washrooms meet the highest safety and cleanliness standards.


Our washroom hygiene services ensure a spotless and well-maintained space, guaranteeing a welcoming environment and customer satisfaction.

Waste Transfer

We provide an end-to-end sanitary waste disposal service that is efficient and cost-effective. With a focus on hygiene, discretion and reliability, we are a trusted partner in maintaining clean and comfortable spaces for all.

Floor Mats

Our anti-slip, durable floor mats keep your premises clean and safe and cut down on cleaning time and costs.

Offensive Waste

Ensuring safe and compliant disposal of non-infectious, non-clinical waste that does not contain pharmaceutical or chemical substances.

At Target Hygiene, we believe in loyalty and community.

At Target Hygiene, we believe in loyalty and community. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality services at competitive prices. We are also proud to be a reliable and honest company and always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are happy.

Sectors we cover

Bars, Restaurants & Cafes

Restaurants benefit from hygiene companies to uphold cleanliness, ensuring compliance with health standards. Professional services manage sanitation, odour control and waste disposal, fostering a safe dining environment. Regular maintenance also elevates customer confidence, creating a positive impression and contributing to the overall success and reputation of the establishment.


Hotels rely on hygiene companies to maintain impeccable cleanliness and sanitation standards. Professional services ensure pristine guest rooms and public bathrooms, elevating the overall guest experience. From regular cleaning to specialised solutions, Target Hygiene can contribute to a positive and healthy environment, which is crucial for guest satisfaction and the hotel’s reputation.


Factories & Industrial

Factories benefit from hygiene companies to uphold strict cleanliness and safety standards. Professional services ensure a sanitised and hazard-free environment, reducing the risk of contamination and promoting employee well-being. Regular maintenance and specialised cleaning contribute to a healthy workplace, aligning with regulatory requirements.

Office & Commercial

Our commercial hygiene services ensure regular disinfection, waste management and air quality control, promoting a healthy workspace for employees. Enhanced cleanliness creates a positive atmosphere, minimises sick days and aligns with safety regulations, contributing to increased productivity and employee well-being.



Retail spaces rely on hygiene companies for a clean and inviting shopping environment. Professional services ensure sanitised surfaces, effective waste management and pleasant air quality. This commitment to cleanliness enhances the customer experience, fosters a positive brand image and contributes to a safer and more appealing retail atmosphere.


Local Authorities

Local authorities benefit from hygiene companies to maintain public health standards and sanitation. Professional services offer effective waste management and cleanliness in communal spaces and contribute to a healthier environment. By outsourcing hygiene, authorities ensure efficient upkeep, fostering a clean and safe community for residents and visitors alike.


Medical and care homes

Medical and care homes prioritise hygiene companies to uphold stringent cleanliness standards. Professional services ensure sanitised environments, effective waste management and infection control and safeguarding residents’ health. Regular maintenance and specialised cleaning contribute to a safe and hygienic atmosphere, which is crucial for the well-being of vulnerable populations in medical and care facilities.


Beauty & Clinics

Beauty clinics rely on hygiene companies to maintain impeccable cleanliness and safety. Professional services ensure sanitised treatment rooms, sterilised equipment and adherence to health standards, promoting a safe and hygienic environment for clients. Regular maintenance enhances the clinic’s reputation, instilling trust and confidence among patrons seeking beauty and wellness services.



Schools benefit from hygiene companies to ensure a clean and safe learning environment. Professional services prioritise sanitation in classrooms, restrooms and shared spaces, reducing the spread of illnesses. Regular maintenance contributes to a healthy atmosphere, promoting student well-being and meeting hygiene standards crucial for educational institutions.

We understand the importance of providing sanitary and comfortable spaces for women in public and private facilities. Our sanitary disposal service is designed to exceed expectations, offering a comprehensive solution to meet the unique needs of women. Committed to combating period poverty, we actively support initiatives and provide access to essential hygiene products for those in need, ensuring dignity and support for all.