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Commercial Washroom Products & Services

Target Hygiene stands as a leading provider of washroom services in Leicester, offering a comprehensive range of washroom supplies designed to elevate hygiene standards. Our commitment to excellence extends to meticulous washroom services that ensure cleanliness, sanitation and an overall pleasant experience.

Our commitment to excellence extends to meticulous washroom services that ensure cleanliness, sanitation and an overall pleasant experience.

From cutting-edge technology in hand dryers to eco-friendly air fresheners, we provide solutions that meet the diverse needs of businesses and public spaces. We strive to create environments that prioritise the well-being and satisfaction of customers, making Target Hygiene the trusted choice for superior washroom solutions.

Sanitary Waste Disposal

Target Hygiene ensures discreet and efficient sanitary waste disposal services, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in diverse environments.

Male Incontinence

Target Hygiene provides discreet and reliable male incontinence services, prioritising comfort and dignity for individuals.

Nappy Bins & Baby Changing

Target Hygiene offers convenient and hygienic baby changing and nappy bin services, ensuring cleanliness and comfort.

Hand Hygiene

Target Hygiene excels in hand hygiene services, promoting cleanliness and health with practical solutions and products.


Aircare & Air fresheners

Target Hygiene provides air care and air freshener services, ensuring a pleasant and fresh atmosphere in various spaces.


Hand Drying

Target Hygiene offers efficient hand dryer services, combining technology and hygiene for a seamless and clean experience.

Janitor Supplies

Target Hygiene provides janitor supplies, including essentials for washroom deep cleaning, ensuring impeccable hygiene standards.

Vending Supplies

Target Hygiene offers diverse bathroom vending machine supplies, ensuring convenience and hygiene for all washroom needs.

Water Management

Target Hygiene excels in water management services, optimising efficiency and sustainability for a cleaner environment.


How Can Target Hygiene Help

Contact Target

Need our assistance? Get in touch with us via email or give us a call and our friendly team will be happy to help and support you with any requirement. Expert advice from our dedicated team. Efficient service, always replying to your enquiry within 1 working day.

Site Survey

At the beginning of your journey with us, we will undertake a site survey to ensure your business is suitable and engage in discussions regarding your specific hygiene requirements. Physical surveys are available at a time of your convenience.

Targeted Solutions 

Based on your specific requirements, we will create targeted solutions that ensure efficient hygiene service, compliant with all hygiene and environmental regulations. Discreet installation without disrupting your business.

On-going Care 

After the installation, we'll maintain communication to ensure our products fulfil your requirements and suggest any additional solutions that could be advantageous for you.